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Lil Bean - "Judas"

Welcoming Lil Bean with "Judas". Bay Area rapper Lil Bean came up in a supportive and closely knit rap scene, striking out in a big way regionally before gaining national attention. Funneling his lived experiences into clean, melodic songs, Lil Bean's music captured the pain, loss, and excitement of growing up in challenging surroundings, with projects like 2020 mixtape 4THECULTURE highlighting his emotionally resonant delivery and storytelling lyricism. The recent single is something that is really addicting to us from start to finish. The single is something that makes you want to turn up and burn energy we think. The musician simply stuns, we think there is a flavor of playboi carti within the record. The artist just does it all within the single with finesse and style, floating over the instrumental with his flow. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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