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Leol Introducing His Captivating Track "Call Now"

Upcoming artist Iyan Leol is a Chicago-based music video director and recording artist. Leol's music gives off an ethereal atmosphere with vibes of love and infatuation, fused with dark moody bass and pop styled themes. Working on his craft for some time he has introduced his listeners with outstanding track that are just irresistible to resist. Following the release of his newest single "Call Now" he projects a very sensual and captivating track. Starting the track with a slow and soothing beat leading onto his sweet and loud vocals he creates a vibe that is nostalgic. The track would be perfect for a late night or just hanging out with some friends. To explain the track further it's about he was trying to get a girl while working at his Forever 21 job but she would never call him first. Speaking to her, "Call now...I need you to call now." Trying to catch this girl is attention and realize your the one who she truly needs. The energy behind the track is so euphoric that will surly get your head nodding. It has a very fun vibe overall, no doubt you won't enjoy it. Go stream "Call Now" and check out his discography which is filled with soothing tracks.






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