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Leisure With Their Groovy Track "Eye 2 Eye"

Returning to the page is the outstanding band Leisure they introduce an amazing track with their latest single "Eye 2 Eye". If you don't know the band Leisure your certainly in for a treat, They consist of five members and are award-winning songwriters, producers, and creatives. With years of experience between them, they draw on their individual strengths to hone every aspect of their sound and image. Everything's underpinned by their genuine friendship and democratic writing process, ensuring Leisure consistently delivers a steady stream of good vibes to soundtrack your lazy Sundays, After all, life in the slow lane has legs. With their release of "Eye 2 Eye" they project such a soothing sound that'll surely capture your ears. Starting the track with a groovy beat leading onto their soulful and smooth vocals. It's certainly a perfect for a day at the beach or a late night drive. To the production and vocals the vibe is set with the sound this track gauges. The track is about literally seeing Eye 2 Eye with that certain person you want, Finding ways of not losing that person you try to communicate and make things right. It's truly a relatable track that is just soothing to the ear. Go stream "Eye 2 Eye" and go check out their other amazing tracks.






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