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Leisure Takes Us Back With "Lonely Nights"

Introducing Leisure with “Lonely Nights”. The track is the New Zealand quintet’s LEISURE third single from their upcoming EP, Side A, released later this year. The track was born at 2am in a haze, after listening to a lot of Japanese city pop and some Bee Gees from the 70s which fed into the production and extra female bv’s and string stabs. A simple story of two people hoping to find peace with each other. Lonely Nights is a track very reminiscent to the artists of the past, down to the luscious and simple hook that grabs you effectively. The lead singers voice is something you can't get over and the production is there for comfort. This track is one of those "cruising at night, pretending no one is around" track, while people watch you blaring in the street, all the while wondering what song is playing. We got you covered, chase the feeling and listen to "Lonely Nights" now.



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