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León Larregui - "Alba"

Mexican singer, composer, and producer León Larregui is set to release his upcoming album, Prismarama, on May 11. The album's two lead singles, "Fake News" and "Alba," give a taste of Larregui's diverse writing style that blends sophisticated pop melodies with Latin and rock rhythms, all while juxtaposing organic and electronic instruments. As the charismatic frontman and guitarist for Latin Grammy Award-winning Mexican neo psych-rock veterans Zoé, Larregui has also collaborated with many top-flight Latin artists, including Natalia LaFourcade, Carla Morrison, and Mon Laferte, among others.

Larregui's music has always been at the forefront of contemporary music, and he continues to explore a wide range of musical styles such as alternative rock and Latin music in his solo work. "Alba," released by Universal Music Mexico, showcases Larregui's airy falsetto that emerges effortlessly from his richly expressive tenor voice. His unique writing style creates music that is both moody and chill, with an epic feel to it. Fans of Larregui's work can expect a dynamic and exciting new album that is sure to please.


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