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lcle - "Pillar of flame"

LCLE's "Pillar of Flame" is a lo-fi hip-hop instrumental that sets a moody and chill tone. Similar to the works of SwuM, Mt.Marcy, and City Girl, LCLE creates an atmosphere that is both relaxing and melancholic.

Interestingly, the inspiration behind the song comes from a movie that impressed LCLE. The swordsman who controlled the flame in the film influenced the creation of "Pillar of Flame." As an alien from a distant planet, LCLE expresses the feeling of the city through lo-fi hip-hop, incorporating occasional sounds of life to reflect the appearance of LCLE thinking about the people who live here and the hometown (star) while looking at the city lights.

The backstory of LCLE as an immortal alien from a super-advanced civilization adds an extra layer to the music. "Pillar of Flame" is a reflection of our existence on Earth, expressed through the lens of an outsider. It's a testament to the universality of music, that even an alien from a faraway planet can connect with and express the emotions and experiences of those on Earth.


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