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Late Aster - "Safety Second"

Late Aster, the San Francisco Bay Area duo, is ready to take you on a sonic journey like no other with their latest release, "Safety Second." This genre-blending track, part of their upcoming live EP, Light Rail Session, is a true experimental masterpiece that defies boundaries.

"Safety Second" is a four-part electronic epic that weaves together live horns, cosmic modular synths, and spaced-out hip-hop beats to create an experience that's both mesmerizing and exhilarating. It's a genre-bending composition that's hard to pin down but easy to get lost in. If you're a fan of artists like BADBADNOTGOOD and Broadcast, Late Aster's innovative sound is right up your alley.

But Late Aster doesn't stop at just the music. They've taken their art to the visual realm as well. Each song on the EP comes with a mesmerizing video, filmed on hi-8 tape by SF-based artist/photographer Deadeye Press. These visuals are then transformed into surreal music videos, adding another layer to the live music experience. It's a unique twist on the genre and adds to the overall enigmatic appeal of Late Aster.

Discussing "Safety Second," Aaron Messing from Late Aster shares, "It's a four-part electronic epic, featuring a live-looped trumpet and horn, a Subharmonicon jam, and a spaced-out hip hop drop." The track was recorded in a single take during a live session, capturing the raw energy and creativity of Late Aster's performance.

Anni Hochhlater adds, "This song is my favorite from the EP. The day after the recording session, we went to John Baccigaluppi's studio, the Panoramic House, in Stinson Beach and spent the entire day mixing. It felt like we barely touched this one and just enjoyed listening back."

The accompanying video for "Safety Second" required an adventure of its own, with the duo spending an entire night at Lassen National Park in Northern California to capture the shifting colors of the sky. This dedication to their craft is evident in both their music and visuals, making Late Aster a duo to watch in the world of experimental synthwave and indietronica. So, if you're in the mood for a cosmic sonic journey, look no further than Late Aster's "Safety Second."


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