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LASTVIOLETS With "Don't Speak"

LASTVIOLETS is Filipino-American musician Vincent Paz, currently based in Boston, MA. He's currently inspired by bedroom guitar-pop sounds and soft-spoken crooner vocals, all LASTVIOLETS music is written, recorded, produced, and mixed by Paz. To us it reminds us of Mac Demarco in a sense with a blend of Justin Bieber harmonies, which are just luscious to the ears. He says "I wrote this song towards the end of a long, frustrating relationship. It's about wanting to fix an unstable relationship despite the effort being one-sided. "Our love this year was not the best, there's no contest, my love. I tried to make things right but you don't think it's enough." This song is the first in a series of singles I will be releasing throughout the next few months and we're definitely excited and waiting to hear more!




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