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Lana Oniel - "Anyway"

Introducing Lana Oniel with her latest single, "Anyway." Picture this: a blend of soft, enchanting female pop vocals with a disco vibe that sends you spinning back in time, yet it's freshly served. The mix gives off a Clairo-esque ambiance, youthful, unpretentious, and all about the vibe. It's clear that Lana Oniel isn't sweating over producing a polished gem, instead, she's delivering raw, emotional realness that resonates. Not much is known about Lana just yet, but "Anyway" is a statement piece that's bound to catch your attention. Imagine vanilla gliding effortlessly over a beat, akin to ice cream topped with a cherry, simple, sweet, and utterly satisfying, that's her vocals we think. The track doesn't just aim to impress here, it aims to transport and relax its listeners, wrapping them in a blanket of serene, disco-infused soundscapes. We think if you're in the mood for something that feels both nostalgic and refreshingly new, give Lana Oniel's "Anyway" a spin. It's the kind of track that reminds you not to take everything too seriously and to enjoy the moment. Listen below now.


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