LaFrancis Vibes With Relaxing Tune "Angel Eyes"

LaFrancis Vibes delivers soft soothing melodies, spacey soundscapes and irresistibly infectious rhythms, an electrifying duo currently bringing their fresh grooves to the table. Their sound is genre-defying and impossible to pigeonhole, though it lands somewhere between the smooth world of alternative R&B and the jumpy, synth-dripped rhythms of modern jazz and funk. Their influences range from Outkast all the way to Miles Davies and Marvin Gaye — resulting in a sound that’s highly experimental and unique to them. The two man group is made up of a keyboardist / producer and a guitarist. The two met whilst in college and both share the same lifelong love for music. They write the songs together and have released two singles to date. The duo currently have their debut EP in the works which is due to be released on the 18th of September 2020. Their single "Angel Eyes" is almost like a taste of what's more to come, while the track isn't polished to perfection it has that different spark, the beat and the soft vocalist make the track one. The perfect balance between the duo, the vocalist isn't taking all the space in the track and there is still room for the instrumental, the vocalist is reminiscent to the r&b scene that is going on now, with Daniel Caesar and etc. Check out "Angel Eyes" now!



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