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LaChaleur - "Thin Air"

LaChaleur, which means “The Heat” in French, is a recording artist and producer deriving from an Ivorian background, born & raised in the Bronx, NY. As a multipurpose artist, LaChaleur uses his African origins to influence his diverse hip-hop sound. His goal in music is to become the go-to hook producer and songwriter by using his signature sound using catchy word play and Hip Hop (Trap) & Afrobeat rhythms as the base, and a touch of pop for variety. This is a track recorded, performed, mixed mastered and produced by LaChaleur using loops from producer HomieOnIce. This is a subtle reference to how Artists come into the music game just to vanish in "thin air" after a while, whether its from lack of talent, drive and even death because of the drug epidemic we've been in for years... The single to us is reminiscent to a Roddy Rich single, to BigBabyGucci with the finesse and use of autotune and the ability to glide on beat, listen below.



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