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L O F I L U V x Distant.Face - “Heaven Sent”

Lofi producers L O F I L U V and Distant.Face have come together to release a new single titled "Heaven Sent." This track is a collaboration between two talented producers, each with their own unique styles and influences.

L O F I L U V is known for producing predominantly instrumental tracks, with a light sprinkling of vocalese. His music often falls into the lofi, chill, and beats genres, and is characterized by its relaxing and atmospheric qualities. L O F I L U V is part of the Jay's Lofi Music brand, which includes a number of talented artists who share a similar aesthetic and approach to music-making.

Distant.Face, on the other hand, is a producer with a background in hip-hop and electronic music. His tracks often incorporate elements of these genres, along with a variety of other influences and sounds.

Together, L O F I L U V and Distant.Face have created a track that is both relaxing and atmospheric, with a blend of lofi, chill, and beats sounds. "Heaven Sent" is the perfect choice for listeners looking to unwind and relax, and is ideal for studying, enjoying a cup of coffee or a spliff, or simply enjoying some quiet time.

If you're a fan of lofi and chill beats, be sure to give "Heaven Sent" a listen and keep an eye out for future releases from these talented producers.


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