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L!NK With His Booming Track "Runnin'"

Upcoming artist L!NK is an individual of many passions & talents, recording artist L!NK (born Scott Link) was raised in the NYC suburb of Suffolk County, New York.Through the course of his adolescence, L!NK developed a strong gravitation to art of all kinds, often spending time in solitude writing poetry, drawing, watching films & getting lost in his favorite music. During his younger years L!NK started playing trombone, piano & guitar as a personal interest before ultimately deciding to work on producing and singing as a way to cope with anxiety. L!NK recalls music saving his life on multiple occasions, feeling his purpose was to give his life back to it. L!NK listened to a diverse collection of music due to what his parents had played at home as a child. Bands like The Beatles or artists like Kanye West would make him drawn to the path of true uninhibited expression. Groups like OutKast or Nas would help show the importance of telling a story, & an artist such as Frank Ocean helped him understand what emotional accessibility was. He would develop a strong proclivity for listening to hip-hop, seeing it as a complex, intriguing form of art with immense potential. Being a New Yorker, it was easy to fall into the world of hip-hop and call it home. Due to his education at the Institute of Audio Research formerly located in Manhattan, L!NK developed transparency making music. Whether the mix, composition, production or visuals, L!NK is a perfectionist that feels responsible for everything. Following the release of his newest single "Runnin'" he projects a very upbeat sound that will surely capture your ears. Starting the track with a booming beat leading onto his loud and bold vocals he completes this song entirely. To explain the track further it's about having a kinda of cocky feel and being the best you can be, doing everything possible that you keep "Runnin'". The track would be perfect for your workout playlist's or just taking a late night drive with friends. The sound this track presents will definitely have you motivated to get up and do something. Go stream "Runnin'" and check out his discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.






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