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Kyle Quentin & The Kyles - "They Didn't Say"

"They Didn't Say" by Kyle Quentin & The Kyles is a refreshing lo-fi hip-hop track that incorporates vintage and contemporary elements of classical, jazz, and hip-hop. The combination of cello, flute, and drums creates a dreamy and mellow atmosphere that is perfect for studying, relaxing, or just zoning out.

Kyle Quentin & The Kyles is an instrumental-only project by a former DJ and current designer from Switzerland. Inspired by legendary beatmakers like Madlib and MF Doom, Kyle Quentin brings his own twisted aesthetic to the lo-fi beatmaking scene.

Although he used to produce beats for local rappers and was part of an electronic DJ duo called "The Bukkake Boys Gang" in the 2010s, Kyle Quentin now spends most of his time looking after his children with his wife. He still finds time to create music and has gained over 1000 followers on Instagram with his unique sound.

Overall, "They Didn't Say" is a chill and kid-friendly track that showcases Kyle Quentin's talent as a lo-fi beatmaker. It's a great addition to any study, jazz-hop, or chill-hop playlist.


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