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Kyle Quentin & The Kyles - "Snow In Baja California"

Introducing "Snow In Baja California" by Kyle Quentin & The Kyles, an instrumental track that encapsulates the essence of a moody, chill winter evening. This piece, belonging to the realm of Instrumental Hip-Hop with elements of Downtempo, Study beats, Jazz-hop, and Chill-hop, is perfect for those enchanting nights when you need a touch of calm. The track evokes the serene and somewhat paradoxical imagery of snow in Baja California, blending chill vibes with a wintry feel. It's as if Kyle Quentin & The Kyles have captured the quiet magic of a snowy night and translated it into music we think here for sure. The composition is reminiscent of a creative experiment where old jazz records are mixed, mashed, and then handed over to the likes of Madlib, MF DOOM, and 9th Wonder for a collaborative beat-making session. "Snow In Baja California" is really just an auditory experience that invites you to sink into its moody, chilled-out jazz beat. It's the kind of track you'd want to play while unwinding after a long day, or while you're lost in thought, gazing out at a starry night sky. Listen below to see what we mean.


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