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Kyle Lucas - “Once in a Lifetime”

Today, Boston-based singer-songwriter Kyle Lucas announces his latest single "Once in a Lifetime." Influenced by greats like Van Morrison, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, and Adele, Lucas's folk-pop arrangements are characterized by soulful melodies and revealing lyrics.

"Don't Fall Asleep" marked Lucas's introduction to the singer-songwriter realm, showcasing the delicacy and power of his voice in a deeply moving arena of intimacy and longing. As a songwriter and producer, Lucas is committed to creating music that is authentic and revealing, drawing on his childhood experiences of introspection and observation.

Unconfined by genre, Lucas's music is driven by emotion and the energy of the moment, resulting in a collection of songs that are personal and contemplative. The release of "Once in a Lifetime" in July 2022 is sure to mark the start of a new chapter in Lucas's artistic journey. Keep an eye out for more from this exciting artist.


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