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Kweku Collins - "Loud Moon"

With the release of his latest single "Loud Moon", Kweku Collins showcases his impressive range as a singer, rapper, and producer. The track, which is featured on his upcoming EP Then Spring [Side A], is a hazy and nostalgic blend of funk, indie rock, and soul that explores the complexities of memory and emotion.

The EP, which is set to be released on November 4th, is split into two parts, with the full album due in 2023. This unique approach to album releases is a testament to Collins' innovative and forward-thinking approach to music.

In "Loud Moon", Collins delves into Afro-Latin claps and UK drill patterns, creating a sound that is both unique and infectious. The track is highlighted by its infectious guitar line, written by producer Jamo in middle school, and its thought-provoking lyrics that explore the role of memories in the present.

Overall, "Loud Moon" is a standout track from the upcoming EP and a testament to Collins' talent as a musician. With its fusion of genres and emotional depth, the track is sure to be a hit with fans of alternative hip hop and indie pop.


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