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kunkun - "past the hungry ghosts"

Welcoming "past the hungry ghosts" by kunkun, a track that stands as a testament to the artist's conceptual depth and versatility within the realms of Synthpop and Synthwave. This song is a journey through varying moods, offering listeners an energetic yet moody and dark experience. Kunkun, primarily a bedroom electronic music producer, has crafted this track with a distinctive flair, infusing it with ambient vocals and an array of effects that truly showcase his skill. The bass in this piece is particularly noteworthy, cutting through the speakers with precision and impact, creating a sound that is both enveloping and powerful. Listeners who appreciate the styles of Baths, Depeche Mode, and Nitzer Ebb will find "past the hungry ghosts" resonating with their musical tastes. Kunkun's ability to blend decayed electronic paraphernalia with modern electronic music elements results in a unique sound that's both nostalgic and forward-thinking. Listen below now and enjoy!


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