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Kowloon - "Fish The River Dry"

Welcoming back Kowloon with "Fish The River Dry"Recently released by Roy Records, this Talking Heads-inspired gem blends elements of new wave, chillwave, and lo-fi rock into a blissful auditory experience. Premiered on KCRW, the song is set against a backdrop of loping bass, martial drums, and gliding electric guitar, featuring production that pays homage to Brian Eno. Kowloon not only showcases his songwriting prowess here but also serves as a one-man band and producer, making it a wholly self-contained endeavor.

The mood? Unquestionably chill and happy we think, striking chords with fans of Toro y Moi. Yet, what sets this song apart is its ode to the artistic process—the ever-changing, ever-challenging quest for expression and meaning. Lyrically, "Fish The River Dry" serves up a stream of consciousness narrative that delves into existential wonderings and reflections on identity. Lines like "There’s a million ways that you can skin a cat / if you can find a reason why," and "Is there any fame that’s worth the chasing of / or any mountains left to climb?" articulate the internal monologues that often accompany the creative process we think, a tough but worthy journey and endeavor. Listen below now.


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