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koduc9 - "Color"

Introducing koduc9 with "Color", a contemplative yet danceable track that seamlessly blends Electro Pop and Deep House elements. Released under the broader Electro genre, the song carries a dark mood that invites listeners to ponder deeper existential questions while dancing the night away. With soft, introspective vocals laid over a relaxing and warm ethereal beat, "Color" captivates the listener's attention immediately. The beat sets the atmosphere while the lyrics explore questions about what truly matters in life, who the world belongs to, and how we should navigate our existence. We think that fans of Nina Chuba and Troye Sivan will find familiar territory here, as koduc9 shares a sonic landscape that sits comfortably with these artists. The track also evokes the signature sounds of pinkpantheress, offering a layered, multi-genre experience that hits different emotional chords we think. Listen below now.


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