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KITTN X SH3 Introduce A Soothing Track With "Sunshine"

Introducing upcoming artists Kittn and Sh3. Kittn is someone who projects flows, lyrics and wordplay that sound very unique when you first listen to any of her tracks. Since being a young girl she has always had that feeling of making music, playing contrabass player in high school is what really gave the artist a jump to her musical career. Transforming her poetry and short stories by creating them as songs over the years. Kittn continues to perfect her craft over the years with dynamic studio recordings as well as adding funky tunes to her tracks such as jive,funk, hip-hop and edm. Sh3 has also been featured onto this fantastic track as well. Being a Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer she has been grasped by the love of pop music. Her writing skills crosses towards an array of genres such as R&B, Hip Hop, Edm and many more.

Following their newest track "Sunshine" it beings with a slowed down tempo, as well as introducing a smooth R&B path style reminiscing of Minnie Riperton's "Inside My Love", Les Nubians Makeda or Moonchild’s Wise Women.  It's such a soft and soulful track of expressing that at the end anyone will be able to see the sunshine. No more bad days and or thoughts, listening to the track it gave me an urge to smile and just having happy thoughts. As well of having SH3 featured, she comes in with a poignant chorus reminding you that darkness is only temporary and that there will be "sunshine all day tomorrow". Another perspective to the track is the importance of taking things slow when you first start dating, at times it's easy to get wrapped around that certain person with lust and love but at the end of the day it's best to move at a pace that both of the partners are comfortable with. It's a great track and anyone who listens will most likely enjoy this song as much as I did. Go check out "Sunshine" and enjoy the smoothing tunes.


Instagram: @kittnmusic



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