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Kishu Kenny - “Wednesday” (Come with Me)

Kishu Kenny is a producer and musician who has been making waves in the underground beat scene with his latest beat, "Wednesday (Come with Me)". With a hard-hitting trip hop sound, "Wednesday" is a track that will grab your attention from the first beat.

Kenny's production skills are on full display in this track, with a hard-hitting snare that smacks you in the face and a deep, dark bassline that keeps you moving. The beat is soulful and emotional, evoking a sense of nostalgia and longing.

While "Wednesday" is currently an instrumental track, it has a strong emotive quality that begs for vocals to be added. The track could easily be a standout on any hip hop or trip hop album, and fans of the genre are sure to be impressed by Kenny's skills as a producer.

Overall, "Wednesday (Come with Me)" is a beat that showcases Kishu Kenny's talent as a producer and musician. With its hard-hitting sound and emotive quality, it's a track that will leave a lasting impression on listeners.


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