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Kinneret - "All That I Know" [MUSIC VIDEO]

Kinneret is a 20-year-old electro pop/lo-fi pop artist who has recently released her album "All That I Know". The album's title track is a reflection of everything she has learned throughout her life, with the main message being that the only thing she knows for sure is that things come and go. The album has gained over half a million streams on Spotify alone and has been positively received by fans. Kinneret is known for her wise and vulnerable demeanor and her ability to radiate love and positivity through her music.

Her previous singles, such as "Vienna Sunday Night," "Soon You’re Gonna Know," "Learn My Name," and "Wizardry!" were produced by 070 Sebastian and accompanied by music videos that have garnered attention on YouTube Trending. Her single "No Wind Resistance!" has amassed over 67 million plays on Spotify and over 150 million streams to date, featuring shimmery synths and soaring vocals over trunk-rattling 808’s and trap drums.

Kinneret's fanbase is growing rapidly, with 340K followers on TikTok and nearly 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify. She is preparing to drop her third album, which will feature collaborations with Dev Lemons, MKULTRA, 070 Sebastian, SpaceKing, and more. Kinneret's brand is one of inclusivity and creativity, and she stands as a beacon of positivity for her fans.


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