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King IV - "Psychopomp"

Introducing "Psychopomp," the title track from Melbourne-based artist King IV's debut album, an electrifying blend of Synthpop and Electro with an aggressive, epic, and energetic mood. This track resonates with the styles of darkDARK, Grimes, and Muse, drawing from elements of techno, house, and post-punk to create a unique sound that thrives in a heaving, sticky club setting. Released on October 31, 2023, "Psychopomp" is a high-concept art piece in our opinion that is a 9-track journey into the realms of hedonism and the ever-flowing cycles of life. It's an unapologetic celebration of strangeness, bound together by a restless spirit. The album represents a descent into indulgence, promising to take listeners on a mind-bending odyssey. The title track really puts in work with its late-night allure reminiscent to Charli Xcx. King IV's icy vocals glide over a thick, captivating beat, pulling listeners into a world of uninhibited desires and passions. The song explores the liberation found in embracing our deepest cravings, from sex to power, unveiling the devils in our nature. Listen now and prepare to be swept away into King IV's hedonistic, universe.


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