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Kim Myhr - "VI"

Introducing "VI" by Kim Myhr, a significant new work from the renowned guitarist and composer, featured in the 15-piece Stavanger-based ensemble Kitchen Orchestra. This instrumental piece is a part of the double album "Hereafter," proudly marked as the 100th release by SOFA. The album, set to release on February 23, comes as a gatefold double LP, CD, and DL, complete with a captivating cover photo by Eleonore Huisse. "VI" is a prelude to the album, already gaining early airplay from dublab."Hereafter" is a profound meditation on mortality and transience, conceived during a time of global uncertainty and introspection. Kim Myhr explains the genesis of this piece as being influenced by a particularly somber moment during the pandemic, where the Norwegian prime minister cautioned the nation about the possibility of loss, evoking a scene reminiscent of Tarkovsky's 'Sacrifice'. The single "VI" features live drums and a pad that envelops the listener in a monochromatic world, both moody and experimental. It's a piece that transcends the boundaries of Chillwave and Dream Pop, creating an immersive experience that's as thought-provoking as it is sonically rich. Listen now to "VI" and be transported into a world where music is a reflection of life’s deeper truths and realities.


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