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Kid Travis Returns With Another Incredible Track "Galaxy"

Kid Travis is a young inspiring artist from Philadelphia, who has a very distinct sound when it comes to his music. Growing up, he loved making music, weather it was making a beat, producing, singing/songwriting anything at all he had the drive to do it. Kid Travis in 2018 would spend his days working behind the seafood counter at Giant Food Stores, and would return home each night reeking of the stench of fish. As an aspiring musician, this was far from a dream job. Fast Forward to 2020, Kid Travis has set the bar high, creating luscious tracks, Amazing vocals, and his overall discography is just perfect. For Travis he has done multiple Youtube covers of popular tracks from Post Malone to Frank Sinatra making him a Youtube sensation. With the help of his fans from Youtube and having that giant shoutout from Post Malone, it gave him that push that he needed to quit his job at Giant and focus one hundred percent on his musical career.

With all that being said Kid Travis has returned with another slam hit with his newest single "Galaxy". Galaxy is such a great track, the whole vibe is so nostalgic, it takes me under this trance of lust and wanting more. He takes this song and shifts things a little to a more of an indie feel, it's vibrant and capturing. "Galaxy" is a song in which explains him trying to move on from this girl, but the girl is part of his "Galaxy" and he can't move on from her. The whole vibe is so heartfelt, we can all relate to this track and I feel like anyone can just enjoy this. Make sure to check out Kid Travis's other tracks, all of his tracks are just astounding.






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