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If you're a fan of artists like Justin Bieber and Post Malone, then you definitely need to check out Kid Travis and his latest track, "Don't Wanna Wake." We've written about him before, but this talented musician brings a fresh blend of bedroom pop, lo-fi hip-hop, and conscious hip-hop, with a touch of alt-pop, creating a sound that is both energetic and captivating.

In "Don't Wanna Wake," Kid Travis showcases his impressive use of autotune, adding a vibrant and modern twist to his vocals. The instrumental complements his style perfectly, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. With solid melodic indie punk and trap undertones, Kid Travis has developed a unique sound that has garnered him over 150 million streams on Spotify.

But Kid Travis doesn't stop at just making music. He has an active YouTube channel with over 480k subscribers and an Instagram following of 60k, where he shares original music, visuals, and covers. His talent has even caught the attention of artists like Post Malone, Bryson Tiller, Rich Brian, and Dominic Fike. It's clear that Kid Travis is a versatile artist who isn't confined to one genre but is driven by his passion for music. Listen below!


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