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Khayyat x 77 x Cliff Introduce Their Amazing Track "Cold"

Introducing upcoming artist's Khayyat, 77, and Cliff who are 3 out of the 9 members of their label group SVNBIRDS. Khayyat is from Saudi Arabia, Palestinian who is a producer that creates dark and dreamy soundscapes with the region’s best. Inspired by the soundtracks of Donnie Darko and Requiem for a Dream, Khayyat began producing by sampling film scores over booming 808s, leading to the producer’s signature sound you hear today. 77 is another interesting producer who is also Saudi-born and Malaysia-based, Egyptian producer 77 blurs the lines between R&B, hip-hop, and any genre that comes his way. His sound & versatility attracted attention from listeners worldwide and has led to collaborations with Middle-Eastern heavyweights Felukah, Mo Sella, and AceQuared, as well as artists across the Atlantic, such as Florida-based PRZNT. Lastly the singer part of my this amazing track is Cliff who is an artist out of Central New Jersey making noise in the music scene with his consistent delivery of quality tracks. His versatile pop-infused R&B flow has led to break-out songs like “Talk to Me” and "Exclusive”. The 24-year-old singer has now been releasing music for several years and has grown a cult following, establishing himself as a fan-favorite in the underground R&B scene.

Following the release of his newest single "Cold" it's the first official release under SVNBIRDS Music Group, Palestinian and Egyptian producers Khayyat and 77 team up to create their new single, “Cold” starting the track with a soothing beat and then featuring catchy melodic vocals from New Jersey native, Cliff. The fusion of Middle Eastern and American cultures collide to create a dark atmospheric track, set to be a contemporary R&B hit for the upcoming winter. The track would be just perfect for a late night drive or listening and vibing to at a party. To explain the track further it's about running away with that certain person and just exploring life and adventuring. It's a vibe for sure that you'll certainly enjoy. Go stream "Cold".




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