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Kevawn Ft. Josiah Nichols & Lil Sand - "Trial By Fire"

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Up-and-coming Seattle artist Kevawn mixes Hip-Hop, Alternative Rap, Trap, and R&B that results in music that doesn't fall in one specific genre. Regardless, the end result in his music is always something special. Memphis bred artist, Kevawn, has always been familiar/associated with great music. As a kid, Kevawn grew up in a church where his mom and dad was part of the church choir. Music was engraved in him since he was a kid and it has carried with him since. When Kevawn turned 21, he decided that he finally wanted to take that leap and start making music on his own. Kevawn purchased a used Scarlett Focusrite with a condenser mic from eBay and the rest is history. Kevawn first started his music making process by studying the likes of Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar's music. You can see the resemblance of these artist's styles including a few more like XXXTentacion in Kevawn's first EP that was released in 2018, titled "GRIM". The dark, sad, emotionally themed project shows how Kevawn likes to tie his emotions into his music, even when going through hard times. After receiving very positive feedback from peers and other artists in the music community, Kevawn took time to practice his mixing/mastering and writing skills in order to take his music ability to the next level.

Fast forwarding to today, Kevawn has dropped three singles in 2020 alone, with two more singles on the way and his second project later this year titled "Start Of Something Crazy". Kevawn will also be releasing his first official music video in September and has booked two shows in Seattle for early 2021. 2020 is a busy year for Kevawn because he is determined to prove his ability to the music community but he just loves making music. Music is his life and he showcases it through his music. With his newest single "Trial By Fire" he gives us a modern flavor with collaborators Josiah Nichols and Lil Sand. I definitely hear a Travis Scott influence in the track. The features in the vocal all feel like amazing support for the main act. No one is standing out in the track, they all work together. The record also has an awesome, pitched down outro that makes you want to open the sun roof at night time and throw gang signs at the moon... check it out now.



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