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Kenny Casanova x WiFiGawd With Their Astounding Track "Same Sh*t"

Introducing two talented artists who have come together to present one amazing track called "Same Sh*t". Kenny Casanova aka Ken ‘cashflow’ Casio is an artist, into fashion and exotics, who is popularly known for his involvement in the supergroup, PNTHN. He has chosen to focus on his journey as a solo artist and has no intentions of slowing down. He has 4 projects out, enlisting artists like Paris Aden, Wasteey Monroe, Bootychaaain, MeltyCanon, NoFriends, Icytwat & more. Although he is an independent artist, Kenny has had a lot of experience with the industry over the past 5yrs through performing at large-scale venues and recording at label studios, and generally being in the right spot at the right time. Even with that experience, Kenny is one who can still find his love and roots in the do-it-yourself method of being a musician. You can find that he is heavily influenced by a number of genres like punk, soca, house, dembow, hiphop(obviously) but his music is almost always powered by 808s. As well as WifiGawd AKA Upt Souljah is a rapper based out of Washington, DC. He is currently signed on DTLA Records. The name WiFiGawd is a reference to his early SoundCloud days in 2012 when he began using the platform to distribute his music. His other name UptSouljah is an homage to Uptown DC, and the Souljah part connects to his rasta roots as a warrior of Jah. Following the release of their newest single "Same Sh*t," they project a booming track that will surely captivate your ears. Starting the track with upbeat instrumentation leading onto their bold and full vocals they complete the single entirely. Explaining the track further it connects to drum and bass roots with the snare roll while staying heavily on the line of hip hop with heavy-hitting lyrics and 808s. Along with the release of an album, a music video for this single will be dropping as well. To the vocals and production, this track will certainly have your head bumping. Being just perfect for a late-night drive or hanging out with some friends. Go stream "Same Sh*t" and check out their discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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