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Kenneth Cash Eases With "Patience"

Up and coming R&B maverick Kenneth Cash has released his latest single, “Patience.” The AKTHESAVIOR managed artist delivers a personal reflection of what it means to hit your limit of patience in a relationship. "It’s a vicious situation, one that leads to resentment and forces you to ask, 'what’s wrong with me?' It just made me realize there’s a fine line between being patient and enabling damaging behavior," Cash explains. Impeccable vocals and deliberate production merge for a more than gratifying listening experience and set the stage for a breakout moment for the musician. It's not often that you find the full package just to be opened up and ready to go in a musician. When it comes down to the visual of the newest single "Patience" we simply can not take our eyes off of the screen when Kenneth Cash is on the screen and active, moving and convincing us even more that he will be a star of the future. With the vision that Kenneth Cash has we have no doubt in my mind that he will become the artist that he was born to be.


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