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Keeya With Her Groovy Track "Paradise"

Introducing upcoming artist Keeya her musical journey started when she finished art school and returned home to Nassau after her mom sadly passed away, leaving her feeling lost and falling into a dark place. During this period she got offered a background singing spot with a local singer and everything took off from there. Eventually, she built up her own solo project, with music becoming her salvation in a way, Following the release of her newest single "Paradise" she projects a very groovy track that with one listen you'll be instantly grasped. Starting the track with soothing beat leading onto her luscious vocals she completes this track to it entirety. "Paradise" is a perfect track for a day at the beach or just hanging out with friends. To explain this track further it is described as ‘one is for the girls’, as it celebrates how the barriers are beginning to be torn down for women in music. Keeya explains: “Right now in music, I see women having fun again, and that makes me so happy. Women should have the space to be upfront about the things they like and the things they desire. As soon as we finished the demo it felt like a party. Everyone was dancing and vibing.” It's a really let go and just enjoy the moment type of track that i think the audience will surly enjoy. Go stream "Paradise" and check out her other tracks. I definitely see this artist going far and beyond.






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