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Keelan X - "Never Wanted Nobody Else"

Introducing Keelan X with "Never Wanted Nobody Else". Released as an electrifying single, this track serves as a testament to Keelan X's colorful multifaceted artistry, blending dance-worthy beats and emotional lyricism into a pop anthem that simply can't be ignored.

Drawing inspiration from 80s synth-pop pioneers like Howard Jones and Nik Kershaw, as well as modern-day icons such as Bleachers and The Weeknd, Keelan X masterfully bridges the generational gap in musical taste. This seamless fusion of the past and the present manifests in a synth-pop masterpiece which we love so much, arriving just in time to give you chills for the holiday and colder weather, but its vibrant song at the same time.

The track unfolds as a symphony of sound, with Keelan's shimmering vocals taking center stage. He layers melodic, synth-pop arrangements over indie-style guitar, creating a rich and immersive soundscape. Listen below now!


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