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KEANAN - "Space Colosseum"

Welcoming "Space Colosseum" by KEANAN, an instrumental marvel that brilliantly marries Cyberpunk and Darksynth with Synthwave, Electronic, and Cinematic elements. This track, characterized by its energetic, aggressive, and epic moods, is a sonic journey that showcases KEANAN's unique blend of classical training and electronic exploration.

KEANAN's musical journey is a fascinating one. Classically trained on the cello from a young age, he expanded his horizons by teaching himself bass, guitar, and piano, eventually finding his true calling in the fusion of live instruments with electronic sounds like within the single, truly giving off vibes that he has been taught by Daft Punk by listening to the music religiously. His foray into music production in his early twenties was fueled by a desire to create captivating music, an ambition that was further nurtured through internships at renowned studios like those of Hans Zimmer, Henry Jackman, and Kevin Kiner in Los Angeles. "Space Colosseum" is a testament to KEANAN's cinematic soundscapes, forming the heartbeat of his creative vision. His electronic style, while carrying the influence and aesthetic of legendary acts like Daft Punk as we mentioned, also echoes the futuristic sounds of artists like Voyage, Com Truise, Forhill, and Electric Youth. This blend creates a track that is both reminiscent of classic styles and boldly innovative. Listen below to see what we mean.


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