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Kean Farrar - "Vacation"

Introducing Kean Farrar with the latest single "Vacation". Berlin-born, Persian-American singer Kean Farrar is mostly known for his emotionally-loaded first single “Heartthrob,” which landed 1.1Mill just on Spotify. Kean is back with a mellow, yet upbeat R&B jam inspired by the late hours of a party in Berlin. Kean’s combination of free, almost careless vocals with a steady and vibey beat will accompany your last hours in the club, as well as the coming hours you will spend in your bedroom. The artist is very great at storytelling we think. The lyricism is simply amazing we think, the writing very clearly well thought out. The instrumental is extremely well done as well, the color is off the charts and something that falls very well on the ears. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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