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Kaskade - "Brighter" ft. Emmit Fenn

Get ready to vibe with Kaskade's latest masterpiece "Brighter" ft. Emmit Fenn, featuring on the "REDUX 006". The project features seven tracks that dive deep into the realms of house music, this EP is a testament to Kaskade's unparalleled artistry in the electronic dance music world. "Brighter," featuring Emmit Fenn, serves as the perfect opener, setting the EP's tone we think. The track bursts with cinematic melodies and reverberating synths, giving you goosebumps as it unfolds. Kaskade, a seven-time Grammy-nominated artist, has been a dominant force in electronic music for nearly two decades. With 12 studio albums under his belt and an impressive list of collaborations with artists like Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwen Stefani, he's been breaking boundaries and setting trends. The "REDUX" series has been a fan favorite ever since its inception, "REDUX 006," proves that the legend Kaskade is not stopping anytime soon. With each track, he showcases his ability to blend elements of different genres into a cohesive, emotive experience. Listen below now.


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