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Karp - "Its Looks Bad"

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, the alluring music of KÅRP has been dubbed as «death disco», with comparisons drawn to The Knife, Lykke Li and Grimes. A dark love for the paranormal, outer space and the apocalyptic state of our times are recurring themes in both their music and lyrics. The track It Looks Bad is about how the world is burning, and how our generation has zero faith in the future. It’s about how the things close to you are all that matters when the world is going down. If anything even matters. We se deadly police brutality, wild fires, pandemics, nazis in the european parlaments, George Floyd. We’re fucked. It looks bad, to put it simple. While there sounds like there could be inprovment from Karp we love the aspiration bigly and dearly. The single is a retro sounding one that sounds like it came out of 1987. The vocals are wet and get you in a concentrated neon sort of state of mind. The vocals are very reminiscent to classic singer Irene Cara who used to work closely with Georgio Moroder. We hope to hear more from the more than promising artist in the near future, listen below now to see for yourself why we think Karp could become a retro pricess of the future. This is defintely for the enjoyers of Grimes.


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