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Kappekoff x Busch Introduce A Funky Track With "Trust The Fate"

Kappekoff also known as Magnus Falkenberg is a talented artist from Oslo who is both a bassist and producer. His music resembles to the electronic Oslo disco popularized by artists as Lindstorm, Todd Terje and Ralph Myrez, as he mixes pop, jazz, improvisation, and electronic music. Following his upcoming album "Turning Points", it's a mix of jazz and pop, including Ola Kvernberg, Linni, Busch and Myra. Following his newest release "Trust The Fate" it's surely an appealing track that anyone would be able to enjoy. Starting the song with a groovy beat leading onto Busch soft and capturing vocals. This is definitely a track perfect for a late night drive or just spending time at the beach watching the sunset. "Trust the Fate" is the fourth and final single by Kappekoff before his album "Turning Points" drops. Busch is featuring on vocals on this funky yet laid back track. All the singles from the album have been listed on Norwegian national radio, and "Why You" with Jimmy Smash has done really well on several Spotify curated playlists as well. Go check out this artist's whole discography which is filled with fun and funky tracks and go stream "Trust The Fate".






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