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Introducing KAMOBii' with "TIL THE MORNING". The dynamic duo emerges from the studio with a track that serves as a lush ode to the late 90s and early 2000s neo-soul and hip-hop, laced with the crispness of 2023's sound innovation we think. 'TIL THE MORNING is their fourth original single.

With vocals that echo the depth and texture reminiscent of Alicia Keys we think here, 'TIL THE MORNING delivers a slow R&B performance that's both evocative and contemporary. We think the single itself begins with an instantly catchy piano hook that sets a soulful foundation, soon joined by a chunky, laid-back hip-hop beat enriched with Moog sub-bass, the single manages to encapsulate the essence of neo-soul while ensuring it resonates with today's listeners, thanks to its contemporary R&B and adult contemporary styles. The track is then crowned with a chorus that is as catchy as it is soulful we think, a testament to KAMOBii's vocal blend. 'TIL THE MORNING is a sonic journey that doesn't just reminisce but revitalizes we think, listen below now.


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