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Kamiya - "Même S'ils Perdent Le Goût"

Jean Cochard, known by his moniker Kamiya, is a French musician, live sound technician, and mixing engineer. He has been exploring different facets of electronic music for the past decade, melting genres and textures to create a unique sound that caught the attention of many. His latest instrumental track, "Même S'ils Perdent Le Goût," is a standout example of his work, and it comes from his forthcoming album "Few Notes, No Torments."

"Même S'ils Perdent Le Goût" is a phonk-inspired track that seamlessly blends elements of wave and synthwave to create an unforgettable listening experience. The track opens with a soft, dreamy melody that quickly transitions into a funky beat, complete with a deep bassline and catchy drum pattern. The arrangement is simple yet effective, giving the listener plenty of space to soak up the melody and groove along with the beat.

As the track progresses, Kamiya's melodic prowess takes center stage. He expertly weaves in and out of different musical motifs, never losing sight of the track's overall vibe. The result is a track that is simultaneously nostalgic and fresh, taking listeners on a journey through the sounds of the past while keeping one foot firmly planted in the present.

Kamiya's musical influences are wide-ranging, and they are evident in his work. He grew up with the SoundCloud culture and underground scene, and his work has caught the attention of notable rappers such as Bones, for whom he produced a track on his 2019 album "KickingTheBucket." He has also collaborated with the New-Jersey rapper Menkare on the project "Deepwish."

In addition to his work with rappers, Kamiya has also cultivated collaborations in the advertising industry. His ambient music remains a significant direction for his body of work, and his ability to craft emotionally resonant soundscapes has made him a sought-after artist in this space.

Kamiya's debut album "Few Notes, No Torments" is set to be released in the second half of 2022, and if "Même S'ils Perdent Le Goût" is any indication of what's to come, fans can expect a sonic journey unlike any other. With his melodic sensibilities, deft production skills, and a knack for blending genres seamlessly, Kamiya is an artist to watch in the world of electronic music.


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