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Kaleah Lee - "Anchored"

Welcoming Kaleah Lee with "Anchored". "Anchored" details Kaleah's relatable anxieties of feeling stagnant and the fear of growing towards an uncertain future. The song was written by Kaleah and co-produced with Gabe Goodman (Maggie Rogers, Del Water Gap), and the upcoming music video was filmed and edited by Kaleah and her sister Naomi. The single is something that is just absolutely smooth we think. The production is something that lays down an amazing foundation we think, really letting the vocal shine here at its brightest we think. In a way we think the smoothness is something that feels reminiscent to Taylor Swift. The country / folk feeling is something that really grows on you over time we think, especially in the end. Listen below for yourself to see exactly what we mean.


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