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Kaiii - "Rabenschwarz"

Welcoming Kaiii's vibrant track "Rabenschwarz," a unique fusion of International Hip-Hop with a touch of '70s soul. This song, featuring lyrics in both English and Deutsch, captures the essence of urban life with its energetic beats and Kaiii's distinctive tenor voice. The track is a lively mix of happy and energetic moods, contrasting triste lyrics with an upbeat, danceable rhythm. Kaiii's style resonates with the vibes of artists like Kenji451, grim104, Burna Boy, and Juls, blending elements of hip-hop with the rhythmic and soulful sounds of the '70s. Despite tackling themes of urban struggle and the longing for an escape, "Rabenschwarz" remains uplifting and invigorating, a testament to Kaiii's ability to create music that's both reflective and joyous here. "Rabenschwarz" stands out for its soulful sample and disco beats, co-produced by Kenji451. Kaiii delves into the chaos and allure of city living, reflecting on the glaring neon lights, the high cost of life, and the relentless consumerism that defines the urban landscape. The song is an exploration of the desire for escape from the frenzied pace of city life, yet it maintains an optimistic and jolly tone throughout. Listen below now and be filled with joy.


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