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Kai With Her Beautiful Track A Little Too Much

Kai born as Alessia De Gasperis-Brigante is a talented artist who captured our attention with amazing tracks leading to her newest track "a little too much". Kai had first found her love for music through her childhood endeavors in competitive dance. At the age of 16 kai had purchased her first acoustic guitar and began writing her own folk infused songs. She was able to receive a development deal with Warner Music Canada at the age of 20, and soon after of arriving to L.A. for songwriting lessons. Kai started building up her credits with tracks like Jessie J’s “Sweet Talker,” Jack Ü’s “Mind,” and Diplo’s “Revolution.” Then, in a major breakthrough both creatively and career-wise, she joined forces with Flume writing and singing on the song “Never Be Like You”, a track whose spontaneous origins prompted kai to embrace a new creative process defying all pop convention and letting her idiosyncrasies shine. 

Introducing her latest single "a little too much" kai creates a beautiful concept with a music video capturing her track in a much more creative way as well having those amazing vocals that will really capture your attention. Music video created by Martina Scarpelli does a beautiful way of making her track come to life. The track offers a tranquil follow up to the previous single “in the now” which BlackBook called “lush” and “sultry.” Kai explain this track further by saying "it's about being a highly emphatic and sensitive human and WOMAN on top of that and all the messages that we receive from society that we are too much. It’s about overcoming fearing your greatness and squashing your light, owning all the parts of you that make you, YOU. Your shadows, your emotions, your sensitivities, your uniqueness, your passion, your quirks, your empathy, your heart.” Anyone listening would for sure love this track, to the video and the production you'll be astonished you haven't heard of this track yet.





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