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Kai Introduces A Captivating Track With "Fade Away"

Introducing an upcoming artist Kai she is a Toronto-bred singer and songwriter who has already earned a Grammy nomination, an ARIA Music award and racked up over a billion streams all before the release of her debut project. kai has released her debut EP like water alongside a stunning new music video for “fade away.” With silky grooves and lush guitar tones, “fade away” finds kai owning her sensuality and achieving an untamed passion in her vocal delivery. she captivates such a sound that'll instantly grasp your attention. With her newest track "fade away" she projects a very soothing beat leading onto her luscious vocals. To explain the track further it's about exploring the endless complexity of human connection, "fade away" travels through a field of emotions and feelings, explaining the experiences of love and having a relationship with another person. It enters into the atmosphere of either being with that person for the ride or maybe just for season. Her music video portrays a beautiful scenery of everything slowing fading away and at times we feel that way and try to find a connection with everything around us. It's one mesmerizing track that people will surely enjoy, go stream "fade away" and check out her amazing discography which is filled with great tracks.





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