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Kabinett - "Chloe B"

Introducing Kabinett today with his latest single "Chloe B". Dirty garage rock, tight funk and spheric indie electro had to come together to create what Kabinett embodies now. The single has a bit of older funk influence as well as some 60's influence as well in there we think big time. If a guy likes a girl but the girl doesn't like him back. That's a problem. If it's in highschool it's even worse! That's what Chloe B is all about. Keeping that naive highschool charme we created our own modern take on a classic story. And all of that with a feelgood indie vibe. Light, warm and relatable. The artists vocals feel absolutely like home we think, in the sense that it feels welcoming and secure when your listening to the lead. Listen below.


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