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K'nek - "Bread Winner"

Introducing K'nek, K'nek, a talented rap/hip-hop artist in the conscious hip-hop genre, presents his powerful track "Bread Winner" as a testament to the challenges he has faced throughout his journey as an independent recording artist. The song offers a glimpse into the doubt, fear, and negativity he had to overcome before fully embracing his God-given purpose. "Bread Winner" serves as a reminder that we are all qualified to pursue the purpose bestowed upon us by God. With influences such as Lecrae, Trip Lee, and Tedashii, K'nek's music radiates epic, energetic, and happy vibes, delivering a message of motivation, positivity, and spirituality that he lives by.

From a young age, K'nek, also known as Wesly, had an immense fascination with music, diving into entire discographies while others listened to single tracks. It was through his Christian faith that he discovered his purpose in music, and he has since dedicated his life to it. Building The House Recording Studio as a nurturing space for aspiring artists to unleash their full potential, Wesly leaves no boundaries as he delves into beat productions as WesTheTech and creates inspiring songs as K'nek. His sound resonates with motivation, positivity, and spirituality, embodying the codes by which he lives his life, and he continues to find ways to connect with his audience through his unwavering passion for music.


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