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JxStill Brings A Soothing Track With His Newest Single "Not Too Far [Prod. JxStill]"

JxStill is an uprising artist from Long Beach, CA who manages work in Inglewood SoFi Stadium in order to work on his craft. He's been working on music for time now, making and producing tracks such as R&B and Soul. JxStill has constantly been making his art better as well a perfecting his craft and with his latest release "NOT TOO FAR [Prod. JxSTILL]" you can see his work is becoming noticed more and more. "NOT TOO FAR [Prod. JxSTILL]" is such a nostalgic track it captures the whole essence of a late night drive. This track starts off with a slow beat leading onto the vocal's, It's a delightful track it talks about going to see a girl and being with her in which gives it a romantic feel. The vocal's are so clear and just fits perfectly throughout this beat. You should check out all his discography, all his tracks are amazing!.







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