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Jux Bravo x Airinna Namara Introduce A Melancholy Track "Go From Here"

Jux Bravo is An alternative hip-hop artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. who thrives in creating smooth melodies, hard emotions, and upbeat vibes and Airinna Namara started doing music and songwriting at a young age, where she was exposed to piano classical pieces, then rocking to the Smiths beat and groping over lyrics, melodies of artist like Taylor Swift, Regina Spektor and many more that she remembers. Both artist created an amazing track with their latest single "Go From Here" they create a very melancholy feel to the track that keep the listener craving for more. Leading to the track "Go From Here' it starts of with a slow and mellow beat beginning with Jux Bravo's vocals. He starts the track so effortlessly creating that mood of sadness and worry, his soft and slow vocals set the feel of the track giving it that sense of hopelessness. Aririnna also being added to this track also generates a nice touch, her angelic vocals gives it a better perspective to the track. To further explain the song It's about ending things with your significant other and figuring out where to "Go From Here" having that void of something is missing and not feeling okay. It sinks deep into your heart and you try to look at things from a better perspective. It's a beautiful track just to sit down and really listen to the lyrics letting your feeling's all out. Go stream "Go From Here"


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