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Jux Bravo With His Amazing Track "Pressure"

Upcoming artist Jux Bravo is a multi-genre artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. Jux when creating music thrives in creating smooth melodies and hard emotions. Always having that passion to make music at a young age. Jux has always introduced interesting genres in which he's been capable of giving his audience a little taste of everything. Following his newest release "Pressure" it's surely a track that anyone listening would definitely enjoy. Starting the track with a slow but yet dreamy beat leading onto his bold and captivating vocals. Jux takes this track through a fun journey with elements of sounds that are just grasping to the ear. This track would sit perfectly for a late night drive or just chilling with friends, it'll surely get you up your feet and start jamming out. To explain this track further it's about leaving everything behind and just feeling the vibes of the present, Pressure is about doing things that will later work in your favor and with that pressure you can almost do anything. It truly a track that you can definitely vibe to, Go Stream "Pressure" and check out Jux Bravo's whole discography that's filled with amazing tracks.






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