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Justwoz - "Mad PPL in danger"

Introducing Justwoz, delivering nostalgia with his self-produced track "Mad PPL in Danger" is a testament to his fresh approach to the game. Released under the banner of "Wylin Out By Nature," this lo-fi hip-hop gem offers a fresh take on the rap scene.

Justwoz hails from the diverse musical landscape of Long Island, New York, and his style is a fusion of various elements. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Mac Miller and Earl Sweatshirt, he weaves intricate beats reminiscent of Madlib while channeling the lyrical prowess of Mac Miller. Very strong in fact. The result? Well, we think its a chill and smooth rap song that not only grooves with its laid-back rhythm but also carries a weighty message.

"Mad PPL in Danger" is more than just a catchy tune. It's a conscious hip-hop piece that delves into society's complexities and reflects on the artist's own experiences. In an era where hip-hop often focuses on materialism and bravado, Justwoz's willingness to explore thought-provoking themes is a breath of fresh air.

But that's not all Justwoz has to offer. Also check out his latest mixtape, "WhosJustwoz Vol. 2," is available on all streaming platforms, promising a further exploration of his unique blend of alternative hip-hop. So, if you're looking for something experimental and moody in the world of hip-hop, give "Mad PPL in Danger" a listen.


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